Not many people know much of Sedusa, other than the fact that she uses her looks to seduce men, to use them.

After Miss. Bellum ruined her hair, in the episode Aspirations, she convinced the Ganggreen gang to steal egpyitian artifacts for her, so she could rule the world. Her hair then grew into many snakes, called asps. She betrayed the Ganggreen gang by using them, so Ace told Blossom how to defeat her. She tried to reclaim them after she was deafted, but the Ganggreen gang knew better, and left her to go play video games.

Sedusa is named after Medusa from Greek mythology, but you can look into her eyes. When Sedusa is happy, or normal, her eyes are green. When she is angry, her eyes turn red.

In the episode "Mommy Fearest", she disgused herself as a normal lady, to seduce the Professor to defeat the Powerpuff Girls. This attempt failed. She had named herself, Ima Goodlady.

Sedusa is 29.

No one knows when her birthday is.


Sedusa went to high school with Miss. Bellum

Sedusa's major enemy, other than the Powerpuff Girls, is Miss. Bellum

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